Module 7 Assignment: Collaborative Peer Activity: Compañeros de cuarto

Purpose: You will meet with a classmate in person, over Zoom, or via a phone call to practice using information in Spanish about different priorities for household items in a shared living situation on a fixed budget. The collaboration part of this activity will take approximately 10 minutes, so plan accordingly. You will each have access to different information, so decide who will be Estudiante 1 and who will be Estudiante 2. Preview your portion of the worksheet in advance so you have an idea of what to do on your end for each of the three steps.

Task: Download or print the following PDF. Inside, you will find two different pages, one for Estudiante 1 and one for Estudiante 2. Each student has a unique task for this activity. Start with Paso 1 and read the directions; then, make notes on your downloaded or printed PDF, as you will have to turn this in to your instructor. After you finish Paso 1, move on to Pasos 2 & 3.

PDF download: Compañeros de cuarto

After you have talked to your partner and filled out the information on the PDF, you will write a Reporte on the things you and your compañero(a) de cuarto agreed to get at the garage sales, with your limited budget. Use the following guiding questions in order to write a paragraph in Spanish:

  1. ¿Qué cosas tienen ahora tú y tu compañero(a) de cuarto en el apartamento?
  2. ¿Cuánto cuesta (cost) cada objeto nuevo en el apartamento? (Por ejemplo: el televisor cuesta…)
  3. ¿Estás contento(a) con los objetos nuevos que tú y tu compañero(a) de cuarto tienen en el apartamento?

Criteria: 50% of the grade for this activity comes from your Reporte addressing questions 1-3 on the previous Task portion above. The other 50% of the grade will come from the “proof” you submit to your instructor through a photo or screenshot of your completed activity. Please include the name of the classmate you worked with for this activity on the top right corner of the document. If you are unsure about how your instructor wants you to submit this assignment (i.e. upload a word processing file, upload media, etc.), please ask for clarification before beginning.