Vocabulario: La universidad


  • Recognize the vocabulary of locations and courses at the university

Vocabulario: La universidad

Play AudioLugares de la universidad

Play AudioVocabulario de la universidad

Play Audioel curso (course)
Play Audioel examen, Play Audiola prueba (test, exam)
Play Audioel horario (schedule)
Play Audioel semestre (semester)
Play Audioel trabajo (assignment)
Play Audioel compañero de clase / Play Audiola compañera de clase (classmate)
Play Audiola calificación, Play Audiola nota (grade)
Play Audiola especialización (major)
Play Audiola tarea (homework)

Play AudioLos cursos en la universidad

artPlay AudioEl arte (Art)

performing artsPlay AudioLas artes escénicas (Performing Arts)

biologyPlay AudioLa biología (Biology)

political sciencePlay AudioLas ciencias políticas (Political science)

Social sciencesPlay AudioLas ciencias sociales (Social Sciences)

communicationsPlay AudioLa comunicación (Communications)

criminal justicePlay AudioLa criminología (Criminal justice)

EconomicsPlay AudioLa economía (Economics)

educationPlay AudioLa educación (Education)

Physical educationPlay AudioLa educación física (Physical Education)

elementary educationPlay AudioLa educación primaria (Elementary education)

nursingPlay AudioLa enfermería (Nursing)

PhilosophyPlay AudioLa filosofía (Philosophy)

financePlay AudioLas finanzas (Finance)

HistoryPlay AudioLa historia (History)

history of musicPlay AudioLa historia de la música (Music History)

Computer sciencePlay AudioLa informática (Computer science)

EngineeringPlay AudioLa ingeniería (Engineering)

englishPlay AudioEl inglés (English)

LanguagesPlay AudioLas lenguas (Languages)

literaturePlay AudioLa literatura (Literature)

MarketingPlay AudioEl márketing, Play Audiola mercadotecnia (Marketing)

MathPlay AudioLas matemáticas (Mathematics)

musicPlay AudioLa música (Music)

BusinessPlay AudioLos negocios (Business)

Medical and health professionsPlay AudioLas profesiones médicas y de salud (Medical and health professions)

PsychologyPlay AudioLa psicología (Psychology)

chemistryPlay AudioLa química (Chemistry)

ReligionPlay AudioLa religión comparada (Religion)

SociologyPlay AudioLa sociología (Sociology)


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