Vocabulario: Números 30-100


  • Form numbers up to 100

Los Números de 30-100

candles forming the number 28 on a birthday cake numbered squares on asphalt A house number: 95
Play Audio 16 dieciséis
Play Audio 17 diecisiete
Play Audio 18 dieciocho
Play Audio 19 diecinueve
Play Audio 20 veinte
Play Audio 21 veintiuno
Play Audio 22 veintidós
Play Audio 23 veintitrés
Play Audio 24 veinticuatro
Play Audio 25 veinticinco
Play Audio 26 veintiséis
Play Audio 30 treinta
Play Audio 31 treinta y uno
Play Audio32 treinta y dos
Play Audio33 treinta y tres
Play Audio34 treinta y cuatro
Play Audio35 treinta y cinco
Play Audio36 treinta y seis
Play Audio37 treinta y siete
Play Audio38 treinta y ocho
Play Audio39 treinta y nueve
Play Audio40 cuarenta
Play Audio43 cuarenta y tres
Play Audio49 cuarenta y nueve
Play Audio50 cincuenta
Play Audio51 cincuenta y uno
Play Audio55 cincuenta y cinco
Play Audio60 sesenta
Play Audio62 sesenta y dos
Play Audio66 sesenta y seis
Play Audio70 setenta
Play Audio73 setenta y tres
Play Audio77 setenta y siete
Play Audio80 ochenta
Play Audio84 ochenta y cuatro
Play Audio88 ochenta y ocho
Play Audio90 noventa
Play Audio99 noventa y nueve
Play Audio100 cien
  • The numbers 16-19 and 21-29 are most commonly spelled as shown above, however, they can also be written as three words. For example diecisiete can also be written diez y siete according to the Real Academia Española.
  • However, this does not extend to the numbers from 31 to 99, which *must* be written as three words. To form the numbers from thirty to one hundred, you take the multiple of ten below it, then put y, then put the units value:
    • Play Audio31 = 30 + 1: treinta y uno
    • Play Audio54 = 50 + 4: cincuenta y cuatro
    • Play Audio72 = 70 + 2: setenta y dos
    • Play Audio87 = 80 + 7: ochenta y siete


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