Vocabulario: Verbos regulares de -er/-ir


  • Recognize the meaning of verbs in the present tense that end in -er & -ir
Graffiti says "aprobar no es aprender!"

aprobar = to pass (e.g. an exam)

You have already learned how to conjugate regular –ar verbs. In this lesson, you will learn the conjugations of the other two classes of verbs, those that end in -er and those that end in -ir.

There are many common and useful -er and -ir verbs that will enable you to describe your regular activities and actions:

-er verbs

  • Play Audioaprender (to learn)
  • Play Audiobeber (to drink)
  • Play Audiocomer (to eat)
  • Play Audiocomprender (to understand)
  • Play Audiocorrer (to run)
  • Play Audiocreer (to believe)
  • Play Audiodeber (must, should)
  • Play Audioleer (to read)
  • Play Audiovender (to sell)

-ir verbs

  • Play Audioabrir (to open)
  • Play Audiocompartir (to share)
  • Play Audiocumplir (to complete)
  • Play Audiodecidir (to decide)
  • Play Audiodescribir (to describe)
  • Play Audioescribir (to write)
  • Play Audiorecibir (to receive)
  • Play Audiovivir (to live)


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