Why It Matters: ¿Dónde están mis llaves?

Up until now, we have learned one of the two words for “to be” (ser). In this module, we will learn the other word for “to be” (estar). We use estar to describe being in a location.

A good way to remember the word estar is to remember the acronym PLACE = Position, location, action, condition, and emotion. Listen to the songs belong to hear some of these vocabulary words in use.

Cami — Aquí estoy
Camila Constanza Silva Ojeda (born 17 February 1994) is a Chilean pop singer and composer, known for winning the first season of the TV series Talento chileno.

You can view the transcript for “Aquí Estoy” here (opens in new window).

Shakira – Estoy Aquí

You can view the transcript for “Estoy Aquí” here (opens in new window).

Shakira – Dónde Estás Corazón
Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born 2 February 1977) is a Colombian singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and philanthropist.

You can view the transcript for “Dónde Estás Corazón” here (opens in new window).


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