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El verbo ser

In this module, we’ll learn an important verb: “to be.” In Spanish, we use the two words: “ser” and “estar” depending on what we are trying to convey. Ser is used when discussing how something is and estar is used when discussing what something is. For now, we will focus on the word “ser.”

See if you can find a form of the verb ser in each title below!”

Bomba Estéreo — Soy yo
Bomba Estéreo is a Colombian band founded in the capital, Bogotá, in 2005 by Simón Mejía. Their music has been described as “electro tropical” or “psychedelic cumbia”. (More about Bomba Estéreo on wikipedia)

You can view the transcript for “Soy yo” here (opens in new window).

Ana Tijoux (Feat. Shadia Mansour) — Somos sur
Anamaría Tijoux Merino, commonly known by her stage name Ana Tijoux or Anita Tijoux, is a French-Chilean musician. She became famous in Latin America as the MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the late 1990s. In 2006, she crossed over to the mainstream of Latin pop after her collaboration with Mexican songstress Julieta Venegas in the radio hit “Eres para mí”. (More about Ana Tijoux on wikipedia)

You can view the transcript for “Somos sur” here (opens in new window).

Los colores

In early childhood, most toddlers usually learn the names of colors, and this helps them learn descriptive language skills to communicate with others. In the second half of the module, we’ll learn how to describe things with adjectives, which are words that describe things. We’ll start with color adjectives.

Watch this video. Can you tell which color is this song about?

J. Balvin – Blanco

You can view the transcript for “Blanco” here (opens in new window).