Why It Matters: ¿Estás triste? ¿Por qué?

In this module, we learn about using the verb estar with different emotions. The verb estar is a preposition which is a word that helps to describe a location or a place in time.  For example, when someone asks how you are doing today, there are so many ways to describe how you are feeling. You will also earn a variety of vocabulary words to help you express your feelings and emotions.  We will also look at the difference between the two verbs ser and estar.  They both mean to be but they have very different applications.

The following music videos are all about the emotions!  See if you can hear examples of emotions in Spanish as you listen.  You probably recognize some of the emotions already such as feliz, contento, and triste.

Fanny Lu – Feliz
Fanny Lucía Martínez Buenaventura, better known professionally as Fanny Lu, is a Colombian singer, songwriter and actress from Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

You can view the transcript for “Feliz” here (opens in new window).

Ramona – Tristes Ojos
Ramona is an indie-rock band from Tijuana, Mexico.

You can view the transcript for “Tristes Ojos” here (opens in new window).

Pedro Infante – Enojada conmigo
Pedro Infante Cruz was a Mexican actor and singer. Hailed as one of the greatest actors of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, he is considered an idol in Mexico and other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala and Peru.

You can view the transcript for “Enojada Conmigo” here (opens in new window).


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