Why It Matters: ¿Quiénes son los miembros de una familia?

In this chapter, we’ll learn the vocabulary of family relationships.

Here are two salsa songs about families:

Ruben Blades – Amor y Control
Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna (born July 16, 1948), known professionally as Rubén Blades is a Panamanian musician, singer, composer, actor, activist, and politician, performing musically most often in the Afro-Cuban, salsa, and Latin jazz genres. (More about Ruben Blades on wikipedia)

Hansel y Raul – Maria Teresa y Danilo
Hansel y Raul are a Miami-born Salsa duo who are best known for popularizing the Cuban “Charanga” rhythm.

We’ll also learn the regular verbs ending in -er and -ir. Here are a few songs featuring those verbs:

Carla Morrison – Compartir
Carla Patricia Morrison Flores (Tecate, Baja California, 19 July 1986), known professionally as Carla Morrison, is a Mexican indie-pop singer and composer. She has won two Latin Grammys for her album, Déjenme llorar, which has also been certified Gold in Mexico. (More about Carla Morrison on wikipedia)


Akil Ammar – Comprendo
Akil Ammar is an MC and urban poet born in Mexico City.

Ana Tijoux (con Juan Ayala) – Creo en Ti
Anamaría Tijoux Merino, commonly known by her stage name Ana Tijoux or Anita Tijoux, is a French-Chilean singer and musician. She became famous in Latin America as the MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the late 1990s. (More about Ana Tijoux wikipedia)

Gusttavo Lima Part. Gente de Zona – Lo Que Tú y Yo Vivimos
Nivaldo Batista Lima, better known by his stage name Gusttavo Lima, is a Brazilian singer. Gente de Zona is a Cuban reggaeton band made up of musicians Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom.


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