Actividades: La ropa


Recognize and describe articles of clothing

Identify articles of clothing based on spoken descriptions

(Note: The activities on this page are designed to promote active communication in Spanish. In an online course, your instructor may ask you to complete the activities using a separate tool, such as video/voice recording or web-conferencing software. Even if the activities are not assigned as coursework, they can be used for individual practice and review.)

A. individual or partners ¿Cuál es el problema? (What’s the problem?)

Explica cuál es el problema con la ropa que estas personas llevan, y qué deben llevar (Explain what the problem is with the clothes that these people are wearing and what they should wear).

  1. Es el verano y Estela lleva un abrigo y botas para nadar en el mar.
  2. Rodrigo tiene mucho frío y lleva una camiseta y pantalones cortos.
  3. Está nevando y Cecille lleva tenis sin (without) calcetines.
  4. Armando trabaja en la oficina y lleva un traje con una camiseta.
  5. Hace mucho viento y Luisa lleva un paraguas.

B. partners / groupAdivinanzas (guessing games)

  1. En pequeños grupos, una persona describe la ropa–¡con colores!–de una persona en la clase, y los compañeros adivinan quién es (In small groups, one person describes the clothing–with colors!–of someone in the classroom, and the rest of the group guesses who it is).a classroom
  2. En sus grupos toman turnos haciendo gestos para simular usar diferentes prendas de ropa y los compañeros adivinan cuál prenda de ropa es (In your groups take turns making gestures to pretend to use different articles of clothing, and the rest of the group guesses which article of clothing it is).

C. Info-gap activity Las vacaciones

You and your friend are taking a road trip for Spring Break and leaving right after classes on Friday. Student A has been to Los Ángeles before, but this is the first time for Student B, although Student B has good friends who live there. Student A will help Student B decide what to pack for the 7-day trip based on the weather. Student B will help Student 1 decide to pack based on the special activities for the week.


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