Todos los pronombres de objeto directo


  • Select the appropriate direct object pronoun (first, second, and third person)

In the previous section we learned in general about direct object pronouns, where they go in the sentence, and practiced with just the third-person pronouns “he/she/it” and “them”. But things can happen to “me” or to “you” or to “us” as well! Now let’s learn the full list of direct object pronouns:

singular plural
Primera persona me nos
Segunda persona te os
Tercera persona lo, la los, las


  • Play Audio“Joven, ¿puedes ayudarme con esta caja?” (“Young man, can you help me with this box?”)
  • Play Audio“Sí, señora, la ayudo a usted en seguida.” (“Yes, ma’am, I’ll help you right away.”)
  • Play Audio“Yo voy a buscar las latas de frijoles y te encuentro en el pasillo de cereales.” (“I’m going to look for the cans of beans, and I’ll meet you in the cereal aisle.”)