Why It Matters: ¿Le dio un regalo?

Thalia – A Quien Le Importa
Thalia is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress and entrepreneur. She is considered one of the most successful and influential Mexican artists worldwide. (wikipedia entry on Thalia)

You can view the transcript for “A Quien Le Importa” here (opens in new window).

La Doña – Nada Me Pertenece
La Doña (Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea) is a San-Francisco-born singer, songwriter, and reggaeton artist. (Short article bout the Nada Me Pertenece video)

You can view the transcript for “Nada Me Pertenece” here (opens in new window).

Ozuna – Me Dijeron
Ozuna is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer who has been called the “New King of Reggaeton”. (wikipedia entry on Ozuna)

You can view the transcript for “Me Dijeron” here (opens in new window).


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