Why It Matters: Mente sana en cuerpo sano

In this module, we’ll expand our range of reflexive verbs by looking at reflexives that describe emotions. One of these verbs is “sentirse,” to feel. Needless to say, there are plenty of songs about that! Here are a few:

Sharlene, Fuego – Me Siento Bien
Sharlene Taulé Ponciano, better known as Sharlene, is a Dominican-American actress and singer and songwriter. Miguel Ángel Durán Jr., better known by his stage name Fuego, is an American singer and songwriter. (wikipedia entries for Sharlene and Fuego)

Cubaneros – Y Me Siento Bien
Cubaneros is a Greek-Cuban musical partnership between Panos Panagopoulos, Anaisa Vega Castillo and Indhira Xiques.

This module also looks at the prepositions por and para. Here are two songs that use por and para:

Oscar D’León – Para Chango
Oscar Emilio León Somoza, known as Oscar D’León, and affectionately called The Pharaoh of Salsa, The Lion of Salsa, and The Devil of Salsa, is a Venezuelan musician best known for his work with salsa music. (wikipedia entry on Oscar D’León)


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