Why It Matters: ¡Nos vamos de fiesta!

Carlos Vives – Ella Es Mi Fiesta (ft. Maluma)
Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo is a Colombian singer, songwriter and actor.

Olga Tañon – La Gran Fiesta
Olga Teresa Tañón Ortíz is a grammy-winning Puerto Rican recording artist. (wikipedia entry on Olga Tañon)

Luis Miguel – La Fiesta Del Mariachi
Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer and icon in Latin America, often referred to as El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico). He is widely regarded as the most successful artist in Latin American history, having successfully performed in a wide range of musical styles, including pop, ballads, boleros, tangos, jazz, big band and mariachi. (wikipedia entry on Luis Miguel)

(me llamo) Sebastián – La Fiesta
(me llamo) Sebastián is an indie Chilean singer, composer, and musician (Click here for an article about his latest album).

Rawayana – Funky Fiesta
Rawayana is a Venezuelan rock/reggae band.


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