Why It Matters: ¿Terminaste tus tareas?

In this module, we’ll be learning the preterit tense, the tense used to describe a completed past action. By way of a musical preview, the titles of these songs use the preterit tense:

Ricardo Arjona – Fuiste tú

Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, known as Ricardo Arjona, is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter. Arjona is one of the most successful and best-selling Latin American artists of all time, with more than 80 million records sold. The music video for this song was filmed in Guatemala.

(wikipedia entry on Ricardo Arjona)

You can view the transcript for “Fuiste tú” here (opens in new window).

Prince Royce – El Amor Que Perdimos
Geoffrey Royce Rojas, known professionally as Prince Royce, is an American singer and songwriter of Dominican descent. (wikipedia entry on Prince Royce)

You can view the transcript for “El Amor Que Perdimos” here (opens in new window).

Pedro Infante – Los dos perdimos
Pedro Infante Cruz was a Mexican actor and singer. Hailed as one of the greatest actors of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, he is considered an idol in Mexico and other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Guatemala and Peru. (wikipedia entry on Infante)

You can view the transcript for “Los Dos Perdimos” here (opens in new window).


The following video contains a significant amount of partial nudity, and is not required for the course:  

J Mena – Se Acabó
Jimena Guevara Barón, better known as Jimena Barón o J Mena, is an Argentine actress and singer-songwriter. (acabarse = to run out, finish)


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