Module 1 Discussion: Should We Celebrate Columbus?

Christopher Columbus is a very controversial figure in American history. Some people think he should be celebrated for his discovery of America, while others think he should be condemned for the impact his discovery had on the Native Americans. Which side of the debate do you fall on? Watch the video below for more context, and read this document that shares two different historians’ perspectives on the issue.


Step 1: Post your reply to the following prompt in a paragraph or two (at least 200 words) inside of the discussion forum. Cite at least one outside source in your post using MLA or Chicago formatting.

  • In your opinion, how should Columbus be portrayed in American history? Should Columbus Day be celebrated?

Step 2: After you have posted your initial post, read and respond to two or more of your classmates’ posts (in at least 4-5 sentences). Be sure to make substantive and constructive comments (just posting “nice post” doesn’t count). Expand on a classmate’s comments in a value-adding, topic-related way. For example, add something from your own experience, something you’ve read or seen, or more supporting details to their post. Remember to always be respectful of others.

Discussion Grading Rubric:

Criteria Poor Good Excellent Points
Responds to prompt Response is superficial, lacking in analysis or critique. Contributes few novel ideas, connections, or applications. Provides an accurate response to the prompt, but the information delivered is limited or lacking in analysis. Provides a  thoughtful and clear response to the content or question asked. The response includes original thoughts and novel ideas. __/4
Supporting Details Includes vague or incomplete supporting evidence or fails to back opinion with facts. Supports opinions with details, though connections may be unclear, not firmly established, or explicit. Supports response with evidence; makes connections to the course content and/or other experiences. Cites evidence when appropriate. __/2
Comments and participation Provides brief responses or shows little effort to participate in the learning community. Responds kindly and builds upon the comments from others, but may lack depth, detail, and/or explanation. Kindly and thoroughly extend discussions already taking place or poses new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Response is substantive and constructive. __/4
Total __/10