Module 7 Discussion: Podcast Ideas

The purpose of this discussion forum is for you to think creatively about how you might go about developing an idea for a podcast that relates to a topic in American history (sometime before 1870). Consider the things you have learned in this course, or the things that you have not learned, but wish that you did. What kind of stories have interested you the most? What other stories would you like to hear?


STEP 1: For this discussion forum, your task is to write out two topic ideas you have for creating a podcast connected to U.S. History before 1870. Write about your ideas in a brief paragraph. Submit these ideas into the discussion.

STEP 2: After you have posted your initial post, read and respond to two or more of your classmates’ ideas (in at least 4-5 sentences). Be sure to make substantive and constructive comments (just posting “nice post” doesn’t count). Expand on a classmate’s ideas in a value-adding, topic-related way. For example, add some of your personal thoughts about their idea, or give suggestions for further research they could do if they were to develop this podcast idea.

Discussion Grading Rubric:

Criteria Poor Good Excellent
Responds to prompt Response is superficial, lacking in analysis or critique. Contributes few novel ideas, connections, or applications. Provides an accurate response to the prompt, but the information delivered is limited or lacking in analysis. Provides at least two thoughtful and clear idea for a podcast. The response includes original thoughts and novel ideas. These ideas are expounded upon and explained in short paragraphs. __/5
Comments and participation Provides brief responses or shows little effort to participate in the learning community. Responds kindly and builds upon the comments from others, but may lack depth, detail, and/or explanation. Kindly and thoroughly extend discussions already taking place or poses new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Response is substantive and constructive. __/5
Total __/10