Course Contents at a Glance

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The following list shows the chapter-level topics and assignments for this courseware.


Define reflective thinking and writing

  • Recognize reflection as an intellectual process
  • Identify conventions of reflective writing

Rhetorical Reading

Define and evaluate strategies for rhetorical reading and building vocabulary

  • Define and identify rhetorical context
  • Identify active reading strategies
  • Use context clues and other reading strategies to learn and retain new words

Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay

Recognize and evaluate strategies for moving beyond the five-paragraph essay

  • Recognize characteristics of organically structured essays
  • Recognize and evaluate effective paragraphs
  • Identify successful strategies for writing effective introductions and conclusions


Recognize strategies for revision

  • Identify strategies for revising for content
  • Identify the strategies for revising for structure
  • Identify strategies for revising for style


Evaluate keys to successful analysis

  • Define analysis
  • Recognize and evaluate keys to successful analytic writing
  • Identify and apply different types of analytic processes

Rhetorical Appeals

Recognize and evaluate rhetorical appeals

  • Recognize and establish appeals to logos
  • Recognize and evaluate appeals to pathos
  • Recognize and establish appeals to ethos

Academic Argument

Evaluate keys to successful argument

  • Evaluate argumentative thesis statements
  • Evaluate logical fallacies in argument
  • Evaluate rhetorical approaches to building common ground
  • Evaluate strategies for rebuttal and refutation of counterargument

Evaluating Sources

Evaluate the quality and reliability of sources

  • Identify and differentiate different types of sources
  • Evaluate methods to assess the quality of print sources
  • Evaluate methods to assess the quality of online sources
  • Evaluate methods to assess the quality of multimedia sources

Using Sources

Define and evaluate using sources

  • Identify the conventions of source integration
  • Evaluate applications of paraphrase, summary, and quotation
  • Identify the conventions of citation and references
  • Establish credibility when using sources


Define and apply principles of multimodality

  • Define multimodality
  • Define and evaluate remediation and remix


Recognize and resolve readability errors

  • Critique the use of apostrophes
  • Critique the use of semicolons and colons
  • Critique the use of commas
  • Critique passages, revising for run-on sentences and fragments