Putting It Together: Multimodality

two people working together

Now that you have a better understanding of what multimodality is, you are ready to approach a project and consider what modes work best or are necessary for you to reach an audience. Below are some reminders about the content you have covered:

  • Keep in mind the relationship between modes and media.  A mode is a means of communicating, while a medium is the substance through which communication is conveyed.
  • The five modes are linguistic, visual, aural, spatial, and gestural.
  • Multimodal texts combine different modes. While often one mode will predominate, more frequently, several modes combine to communicate a message or argument
  • Remediation is the representation of one medium in another.
  • Remix, a tool of remediation, involves changing, blending, adding to, or taking away from an original work.
  • Attribution in remediation and remix offers a way to acknowledge who was responsible for creating the original work(s).


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