Why It Matters: Using Sources

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What are important strategies for incorporating sources into your writing?

In this module, you will learn how to use research sources in your own writing. You have probably had to use quotations in a paper before, but have you really thought about how that contributes (or doesn’t) to your writing?

There are many different strategies for incorporating or integrating research sources into your writing. Direct quotation is only one of these strategies, and as you’ll find out later in this module, you should actually try to limit its use.

Your authority as a scholar will be enhanced when you demonstrate your ability to use and integrate outside sources in a fair and attentive manner. By doing so, you help to demonstrate that you have carefully read and considered the material on your topic. Your reader sees not only your ideas alone but also your points contextualized by the conversations of others. In this way, you establish yourself as one member of the community of scholars engaged with the same idea.