Building Credibility through Source Integration

Learning Objective

  • Recognize markers of credibility in writing

Well-integrated sources build credibility in several ways.  First, the source material adds evidence and support to your argument, making it more persuasive.  Second, the signal phrase highlights the reputation and qualifications of the source, thereby adding to the source material’s credibility.  Third, effective citation makes it easy for your reader to find and investigate the original source, building your credibility as a trustworthy writer.  Finally, your thorough explanation of the source’s relevance to your argument demonstrates your critical thinking and reasoning, another avenue to increased credibility.

real students writing

In this activity, you’ll examine the use of signal phrases, direct quotations from an outside source, citation, and explanation of relevance to consider how well the writer’s source integration builds credibility.

do I get this? Recognizing credibility

Answer the following questions about building credibility through integrating sources.