Why It Matters: Multimodality

Three stuffed animals sitting on a shelf with their arms blocking, respectively, their ears, eyes, and mouth

In this section, you will have the opportunity to analyze, evaluate, and consider the nature of multimodal texts. Some topics include modes and media, affordances, and remediation and remix. It is important to understand multimodal texts, how they work, and how they are designed because so much communication in school, work, and in our personal lives is multimodal.

As a participant in a connected society, you have to know how to negotiate between words, sounds, images, and gestures, and the spaces in which those exist, on a daily basis. Whether you are tasked with giving an on-the-fly presentation about a report you wrote at work or you want to use social media to share your vacation photos with your grandparents across the country, you’re moving between and among different modes constantly.