Assignment: What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Me


Wanda knows that she is going to incur increased costs if she expands her business. She is concerned about the impact these costs will have on her profit margin and the long-term sustainability of the business. Currently, Wanda buys free-range chickens and bison and lamb that are fed only non-GMO feed, but this costs her almost 50 percent more than some other sources. Wanda is confident that she could still provide a high-quality product while reducing the cost of her ingredients.

The problem is that the Salty Pawz Web site and all of the product labels contain information about how her products use free-range chickens and animals not fed with GMOs. Wanda is concerned about whether she can ethically switch ingredients without informing her customers and changing her labels. The dogs will still be getting treats that are healthier than mass-produced ones, and the chances of anyone finding out about the switch are slim. Should Wanda be worried about deciding to use cheaper ingredients to make her dog treats?

Your Task

Explain the ethical considerations involved in moving from free-range, sustainable, non-GMO ingredients to cheaper ingredients that still make a good product without informing Wanda’s customers. What is your advice to her concerning this decision, both for and against swapping out the higher-cost ingredients for something cheaper? Since the treats are being fed to animals, does Wanda have the same ethical responsibilities to her customers that she would have if she were making treats for human consumption?

Grading Rubric

Criteria Not Evident








Explain the ethical considerations involved in replacing ingredients. 40
Describe the positive ethical implications of replacing the ingredients. 15
Describe the negative ethical implications of replacing the ingredients. 15
Provide your recommendation to Wanda concerning the decision to replace ingredients. 20
Articulation of response (citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that negatively impact readability and articulation of main ideas). 10
Total: 100%