Outcome: Information Security and Cybersecurity

What you’ll learn to do: describe risks and challenges associated with information security and cybersecurity that businesses face

Photo showing a computer keyboard with a chain and padlock wrapped around it

Now that we have acknowledged the amount of data that business collects about people, what are the risks and challenges associated with keeping that information secure? Businesses stand to lose consumer confidence and respect if they allow unauthorized access to customer data. For this reason, businesses take information security and cybersecurity seriously. Despite the importance of protecting customer data, breaches and hacks seem to be more and more common. Is this a result of inadequate security measures on the part of the businesses, or are hackers getting better at accessing so-called “secure networks”? The answer is probably both. In this section you’ll learn about some of the ongoing security issues businesses face in trying to safeguard their (and their customers’) electronic communications and data.

The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

  • Identify types of cyber attacks