Why It Matters: Information Technology and Business

Why recognize the roles of data and information technology in supporting business operations?

In this module you will learn to distinguish between data and information technology and explore their use in business.  Before we begin, it’s important to put the “information age” in perspective—to understand how far technology has come in a very short time and how rapidly it continues to change. The following video provides a good introduction and might help you think about the impact of technology in your own (rapidly changing) life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss ways in which information is used in an organization
  • Describe the ways in which organizations warehouse and mine data
  • Describe the ways in which businesses can share information via networks, including cloud computing
  • Identify the ethical and social issues associated with network security, privacy, and data collection that businesses must address
  • Describe the risks and challenges associated with information security and cybersecurity that businesses face