Assignment: Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt

Open Pedagogy Assignments are assignments in which students use their agency and creativity to create knowledge artifacts that can support their own learning, their classmates’ learning, and the learning of students around the world. (See this peer-reviewed article for more details.) The assignment on this page is aligned to a learning outcome of College Success and we’ve identified the module where the reading appears. This assignment can be created with a cell phone camera or other video recording device, Google or Word documents, and your learning management system.

Learning Outcome: 1.3.4 Identify major college resources and how to use them when needed

In the module Motivating Success, we provide a general College Overview about college resources. For this assignment, you are going to work with a small group to hunt down useful links and resources for your fellow students. This work will become a living document that future students will use.

Create a document that will help students find the information that they need on the topics listed in this reading (College Overview). Think of your audience as friends you want to help with the best information you can find using your college’s website.

Choose one of the headings in College Overview: Formats of Courses, Technology-Enhanced Formats, Types of Classes in Your Degree Plan, Course Policies and University Policies, and Major College Resources and How to Use Them.

  • In your own words, summarize on a Google Doc, or a similar online tool, the main points your section is discussing and why it is important to a college student.
  • What links are useful to a student wanting to understand your section? Hyperlink your most useful resources.
  • Finally, what advice would you give students if they need assistance with the topics in their headings? Write a few sentences of advice.

A Note To Teachers: You may want to break your students into five or six groups and let them work on their own document that you will eventually create into one document. If your first term’s assignment is to create the document, think of the next term’s assignment as checking that all of the links are correct and adding advice.