Creating a Workbook with Multiple Worksheets

Learning Objectives

  • Create a new workbook with more than one worksheet.

When you open a new Excel file, there is automatically a single worksheet. However, there are a number of reasons why you may want more than one worksheet in a single workbook. For example, consider the following ways multiple worksheets in a workbook can help with keeping data organized:

  1. A workbook with monthly sales figure with each year on a different worksheet
  2. A workbook with mailing lists for weekly flyers on one worksheet and coupon mailings on another
  3. A workbook with inventory data with each month on a different worksheet

In any of these cases, or others, it is very easy to add more worksheets to an Excel workbook.

Method 1

The easiest method to add additional worksheets to a workbook is by using the Insert Worksheet shortcut represented by the + button at the bottom of the workbook window. You can use this shortcut button multiple times to insert additional worksheets into your workbook.

A blank excel sheet is open. A green arrow is pointing at the option to add a new sheet.

Method 2

You can also use the menu option Insert>Insert Sheet from the Cells group of the ribbon.

A blank excel sheet is open. There is a green arrow pointing to the insert dropdown menu, and specifically the insert sheet option.

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Practice Questions

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