Discussion: Voting Theory

Plurality Voting

In the following video, the author presents an argument that plurality voting is inhibiting the growth of additional political parties in the U.S. other than the Republican and Democratic parties that typically dominate ballots. Excuse the appealĀ to vote for a specific party, and just pay attention to the host’s description of plurality voting, and the comparisons and contrasts made with other democracies’ voting methods.

What You Will Do

Do some research on the voting methods used in Germany.

Try to find information about the following:

  1. How are votes cast?
  2. How is the winner decided, what type of voting is used to decide the winner?
  3. How many political parties are currently active in the Germany?

For your discussion post, compare and contrast the voting method use in Germany and the plurality method used in the U.S. Take a side on which one allows for political representation of the values of the public better. Once you post your position, find a classmate who has chosen the other side and try to convince them that your side is better. Use examples as much as possible, rather than opinions. Please remain respectful and collegial in your communications.