Assignment: Motivation


Your text introduced you to many famous leaders and theorists in the subject of employee motivation. Each was notable for the different studies and/or theories they analyzed and professed. In this assignment, your mission is to match key definitions, theories, or concepts with the leaders or theorists who promoted them. The following steps will help you prepare for your written assignment: 

  1. Thoroughly read the Motivation module.
  2. As you read, note the key concepts and definitions of each theory and the author or leader who is most often associated with it.

Your Task

Click the link to download the Motivation assignment. Read the answer choices in the left column and the definition, associated terms, or key concepts in the center column. Complete the table by inserting the correct answer choice in the far right column. Hint: Each definition has only one correct theory or person. Submit your completed table for grading.


Your assignment will be graded on the basis of number of correct matches out of a total of 12.