Assignment: Computer Ethics

Assignment Introduction

You will learn the following:

  1. What a Code of Ethics is
  2. Giving Credit where Credit is Due
  3. Privacy on the Internet
  4. E-mail Uses and Abuses
  5. The School Acceptable Use Policy as compared with other AUPs
  6. What is Copyright and how does it effect the use of
  • Written work on the Internet
  • Computer Software
  • Pictures on the Internet
  • Music on the Internet
  • Movies on the Internet

Assignment Directions

After going through the information in tasks (1-6) each student will:

  • Create a page on the Ethics Blog
  • They will choose a good title for their page
  • Summarize what they learned from steps 1-6. The summary should clearly identify each of the six main areas (Ethics, Copyright, Plagerism, Privacy, Email, & Acceptable Use)

After completing the blog entry, each student will comment (provide feedback) to at least two (2) other students. All comments are to be at least two complete sentences.

Task 1: Ethics

You will need a notebook to take notes in. Now you will visit at least three of the following sites about ethics and make notes on what a Code of Ethics is and how it affects your use of computers at school and how it affect your computer use at your place of employment.  In your notes, make sure you document which site you got the information. Use the grading rubric to guide your note taking.

  1. What are Ethics? by Duke Mosman—USOE
  2. Business Ethics Pledge
  3. Computer Ethics and Coypright Issues? Right vs. Wrong
  4. NYU Ethics Pledge
  5. Computer Ethics: Basic Concepts and Historical Overview
  6. Youth Ethics
  7. Ethics in Computing
  8. A Framework for Ethical Thinking
  9. The Napster Cantata
  10. Computer & Information Literacy

Task 2: Copyright

Visit at least three of the following sites about copyright and continue to take notes on what Copyright is and how it effects what you can and cannot copy and use from the Internet.  In your notes make sure you document where you got the information.

  1. Copyright Tutorial
  2. Cyberbee Copyright
  3. Copyright Questions and Answers
  4. Copyright Basics
  5. Digital Copyright Fight
  6. Taking the Mystery out of Copyright
  7. 10 Big Myths about copyright explained
  8. Copyright
  9. DVD Copyright Battle MSNBC

Task 3: Plagiarism

Continue taking notes as you visit at least three of the following sites on What is Plagiarism and How to Cite Resources or Give Credit Where Credit is Due.  In your notes make sure you document where you got the information.

  1. Plagiarism Definition
  2. What Is Plagiarism
  3. What Is Plagiarism Kid’s Health
  4. How to recognize and avoid plagiarism
  5. Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting
  6. Avoiding Plagiarism
  7. Plagiarism:Why it’s wrong
  8. Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It
  9. Plagiarism: expulsion for a guilty verdict

Task 4: Privacy

Fourth visit at least three of the following sites and add to the previous notes information about Privacy (what belongs to me and my rights; cookies) on the Internet.

Task 5: Email and Abuses

Now visit at least three of the following sites and continue taking notes on E-mail uses and abuses and proper usage, viruses etc.