Extra Credit and Additional Resources

Extra Credit Assignment

If travel interests you, here is an extra credit project you can do related to sacred places: a pilgrimage tour of India (or you might do a similar project for sacred places in the Holy Land, focused on the three Abrahamic religions).

If you choose to journal your thoughts, responses, reflections, questions on any “optional” resources you look at throughout the course. Use the “extra credit” journal for these extra reflections and reference the items you are discussing in the title and context of your entry.

The videos below examine places and times considered sacred as well as various kinds of sacred experience.

Sacred Experience

Sacred Space

Sacred Time

Sacred Beings (gods)

Explore more on the Web


Sacredness (at the Sacred Places website)

Then follow links to other areas of this website to explore the sacred as manifest in various aspects of nature: caves, stones, mountains, trees, water

Just for fun: Measure your own spiritual experience