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Religion in an Age of Science

A scientific understanding of the universe may be destroying the awe inspiring mystery of life. Religious symbolism and story can be that “finger pointing to the moon” that takes us beyond the immediate here and now to remind us of the ultimate and eternal that transcends this world and this life.

Religion and the Arts (symbolism)

Creation (religious vs scientific theories):

Sacred Texts


Explore your own understanding of the origins of the universe with this “soul-survey” from

Explore the history and influence of the King James version of the Bible at the Manifold Greatness website, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the KJB

“Who changed the Bible and Why?” a discussion with a Biblical Scholar (aired on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, Dec. 8, 2005)

A three part series discussing the Koran (aired on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, Feb. 17,Mar. 6, and April 21 2006)

Sacred Stories InteractiveSome animated and narrated sacred stories from six of the world’s religions. View and listen to a selection of stories, read the additional information in the virtual books. Can you identify what kindof sacred story each is?

The Big Myth: Some animated and narrated creation stories from different cultures around the world. View and listen to a selection of stories. Can you identify what kind of creation story each is? About this resource


“Metaphors be with you…”