Extra Credit and Additional Resources

Extra Credit Assignment

If you choose to journal your thoughts, responses, reflections, questions on any “optional” resources you look at throughout the course. Use the “extra credit” journal for these extra reflections and reference the items you are discussing in the title and context of your entry.

More To Explore

Hot Topics (from ReligiousTolerance.org)

Explore issues of religion and ethics and have some fun in the process (Religious Studies Pages from the Arnewood School, New Milton, Hampshire, UK):

Religion and Human Relationships


Religion and Medical Ethics


Religion and Equality


Religion, Poverty and Capital Wealth


Religion, Peace and Justice



General Considerations:



Return to Blackboard to take an optional, ungraded survey just for fun: My Moral Stance

  1. Take stock of your own moral values. What sort of behaviors do you feel are “morally acceptable” and what is “morally wrong”?
  2. Then compare your results with a national survey (the survey results will appear in the course site, once you have answered the survey questions yourself).
  3. How do your answers compare to those of the American public?
  4. You can answer this question and reflect on the results in your journal (for extra credit)

Open the PDF file in the course site to see how the American public answered the questions and compare your answers. Are you more liberal (say that more of these behaviors are “morally acceptable”) or more conservative (you say that more of these behaviors are “morally wrong”) then most Americans?