12. Discussion: Process Essays

Discussion. Start: Sept. 25; End: Oct. 11

Let’s have a little fun with process writing. Many of us take simple instructions for granted. Who needs to explain how to tie a pair of shoes or how to make a good peanut-butter sandwich? But the fact is that directions can be confusing for the inexperienced person. Have you ever tried to teach a youngster how to tie shoes? It can become frustrating.

For this discussion, I’m going to ask each of you to try something at home and then translate it into the discussion area. On a sheet of paper, draw a simple design (a square or a circle or a star or some very basic drawing). Now, write a set of instructions for creating the design you just made. Remember to be specific. Your reader (us) has no idea what the design is- you have to instruct us from scratch.

Once you feel comfortable with the instructions (that they are thorough and easy to follow), list them in this discussion area. The more basic the design, the easier and shorter the instructions should be.

Now, pick one or two (or all of them, if you like) instructions your classmates have submitted and see if you can create the design at home. For your response, tell us what it is you drew. Good luck.