Submitting In-Class Essay #1

Choose one of the following and write a well-developed essay. Please remember to submit as an attachment.
1.      Narrate a situation in which you fortunately or mistakenly followed someone else’s judgment rather than your own.
2.      Narrate an experience that led you to a new realization about yourself (or about someone else).
3.      Think of an established process that could use improvement (grading, registration, income tax, courtship for example). Describe how a better substitute system would work.
4.      Describe how to get rid of a bad habit (don’t use a thesis you’ve already written). Be specific with the habit you choose.
5.      Make a general statement about the society you live in and provide examples to support it. For example, the society I live in:
is cruel
is contradictory
is humorous
encourages conformity
encourages individuality.

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