6. Timed Writing Discussion 1

Discussion 1 Start: Nov. 21; End: Dec. 2

Read the following essay and then, using the rubric, grade it between 1 and 4, with four being the highest grade. Then, comment on why you gave it the grade. Read your classmates grades and comment on what they said about the essay.


            In the past, young voters have been criticized for their lack of participation in the election process. This presidential primary season, however,  they are turning out in record numbers. I think that younger people are more interested in government and I believe this because not only do they want certain things for themselves such as more PELL, but they also are starting their families and things such as health care means a lot to them. Another reason why I think young people are more involved these days is because whether one watched MTV or is just browsing MySpace, the election is all over.

            As young people get older they begin thinking about things like college tuition, family, life outside high school and college. With today’s economy, tuition is on the rise and it seems as though PELL and other forms of financial aid should be too. Well because this has been one of the focuses of the candidates, it gives the younger voters something that affects them directly to listen to. Also as many young people who don’t attend college and go directly into the workforce, the talk of universal  health care is appealing to many of the young people of today. I believe that the topics that politicians are addressing theses days is a major factor in the increase of participation of young voters.

            Another reason why I believe young people are paying more attention to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain is because it’s all over the media that young voters associate themselves with. While watching MTV the other day I saw numerous discussions of this November’s election and when I went on to my MySpace account I noticed the same thing. Everywhere young voters turn there is something about the election staring them right in the face, making it a little hard to ignore.

            After registering to vote in January of 2007 I never really thought that voting was such a big deal but the more I learn and the more I hear I know that come November I must vote. I believe that this is true not only for my but many of the young voters of the United States.