7. Timed Writing Discussion 2

Final Timed-Writing Discussion 2- Start: Nov. 21; End: Dec. 2

Here is another essay written for the final timed-writing. Read this one and grade it according to the rubric. Discuss your reasons. Comment on your classmates’ observations.

            American idol continues to roll on as one of the most popular television shows in years. People follow winners and losers on the show religiously. The talk about town the day after an episode is about who did or who did not make the cut. People around America get so into the show because it is like another drama show. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of it but I do watch it from time to time.
            American Idol is so popular because it is like another drama show. Americas love to be in people business so here is another chance for them to do so. One of the guys on the show name Simons is really mean to people without talent, the things he says to them makes people that are watching the television show laugh and want to see more or what to hear what he has to say next. Americans get caught in the show to see what happen next. They start to have a favorite singer and want to watch them to see how far they go. Some people in the United States get really upset if the person they pick to move on get knocked out. This is almost like a sport to people. Everyone has a favorite singer and wants to see them advance to the next round which is like the playoffs of sports.
            A fan of American Idol I wouldn’t call myself. I do watch the show here and there but not to much. From what was talked about in the first paragraph some of those reasons are why I watch the show. I don’t really care all that much about the singer but what Simons says on the show is really funny. It isn’t right what he says to them but that is his job but this keeps the viewer wanting to hear more. I feel that this show is more for the ladies than the men because there is a lot of emotion in this show. I’ve have seen a few of my friends that are young ladies cry over one of there people getting booted off the show. From my point of view people get real close to a singer that they picked. The person wants to keep a close look out on their favorite singer.
            American Idol is a good show and continues to roll as a popular television show. This show gets a lot of people attention in the United States. People love to see what happens next, be in other people business and more than most lost the drama of the show. People fighting with one another to get to the next round to caught a dream. This show is one of the top right now but it s a good show for many people. People of all ages can watch the show and you can learn that if you have a dream go out and get it. As being another American I can say I am not really a fan of the show. From here and there I will watch the show but will I wouldn’t call myself a fan.