DISCUSS: “How to” Videos and Persuasive Sales

Shark Tank and QVC are two examples of targeting/tailoring to  audiences and making a persuasive case to buy or to invest in products using the power of logos and pathos.  I have provided supplemental links to episodes of each tv show in case you have never seen an episode from these shows.

Now, for this DISCUSS forum, find an example of a clearly, tailored for a specific audience How To/Demonstration Video or Sales Speech that is 5-10 minutes, the length of your next required speech.   Include the link to the video in your initial post and provide your observations of the speaker’s attempts to identify needs of the target audience, logos (stories, examples, statistics, and sources) and pathos..what appeals to motivation strategies of rewards, punishments, urgency, authority and emotional appeals are being utilized to inform how something works or is used in order to sell or to persuade audience/listeners to try it.  This is where we see the blending of major goals of public speaking to inform and to persuade while trying to be entertaining and engaging. Pay extra attention to  the packaging of the verbal part of the message what the speaker says in words packaged with how effectively the speaker uses vocal cues,body language,choices of clothing, and visual aids to enhance the message.  There is a lot to comment on when the goal of the speech is to demonstrate/teach in order to persuade and to sell. Use vocabulary from READ to receive high quality points.