We are practicing a very practical application of public speaking where speakers are asked to  demonstrate/teach with the bottom line to persuade an audience to use or to buy a product or service.   Write a draft of  a speech where the goal is to educate/explain to our college class (your target audience) the need for  a new( not currently existing product/service in an informative and entertaining way.  Use real sources(logos) to back up and to support that the need for this product/service exists and demonstrate and teach us how you imagine the product/service will work or how to use it.  While not required, if it amuses you, you may include your own original visual aids,  At the end of your speech, college students should consider your idea/proposal for a new product/service a “must have” if they are attending college.

Draft Requirements:

Length: 3 pages ( typed, double-spaced)


Introduction Area

  • Attention Getter
  • Connections to the target college audience
  • Introduction to the product/service


The need for it.

  • What problems exist because your product/service does not exist or no one knows how to use it properly? Use oral source citation.  May wish to quote college friends or quote sources reporting concerns of college students.
  • You may reference similar products/services that exist (sources) but point out the short comings and why they do not adequately address the need.


  • Explain how ,if used properly, it will eliminate or reduce the concern/need.  You may wish to have friends and or family in your audience participate.


  • Sell us on buying or trying this new product/service by explaining the details where/how to buy and the cost or upgrades you imagine will be available.  Make sure you have a strong/memorable last line.

While the product/service is not real, you are required to utilize at least two real sources for related information, to tailor to a college audience, and to write the draft to meet minimum time length of a 5-10 minute speech.  Visual aids are optional.  * Refer to examples posted in our DISCUSS forum.

Great news!  You are encouraged to use your creativity and sense of humor!