Ice Breaker: Assignment Instructions

The DO folder includes assignments for the course which come in the form of speech drafts, speech presentations, peer reviews, listening critiques, quizzes and tests. All assignments are based on required reading found in the READ folder. Quizzes and tests are specific to each module except for the Mid-Term and Final Test. The Mid-Term Test (Module 3) and the Final test ( Module 6) cover multiple chapters. The Final Test is not cumulative which means you will not be asked about required reading prepared for the Mid-Term on the Final. They are stand alone tests based on READING and DISCUSSION and have a significant impact on your final grade in the course.

Click on ” Ice Breaker: Test” to practice the typical format of questions you will experience in the course on tests and quizzes. The questions relate to reading in “Course Information Documents” and READ folder in Ice Breaker, READ before you DO. Will the Ice Breaker Test be graded? Sure! Wow! More points? Yes!

I’m asking a lot of you in the “Ice Breaker Module” and seeing you find success and getting your groove on how the course is organized and how to manage the required technology makes me happy! So why not thank you with points for taking time to make sure this is the right class and the right format for you! You deserve it!