DISCUSS: Ice Breaker Forum: Communicator or Writer?

Two of the main goals in this course are for you to develop as a writer of effective speeches and for you to gain confidence and experience delivering an effective speech.  Which one  of the two terms COMMUNICATOR or WRITER is the better description of your strength starting this class?

COMMUNICATORS: Communicators are not worried about standing up and being recorded giving a speech in front of people. They feel comfortable talking in front of people but do not look forward to having to write/revise drafts of speeches.

WRITERS: Writers are not worried about preparing drafts, organizing ideas and using personal experience and research to support their points. Writers feel comfortable drafting a speech but are worried about having to present it in front of people.

So, let’s find out how many communicators and writers we have enrolled in this class!  Ready?  Pick one of the terms communicator or writer and explain in two or three sentences why the selected term is the better fit describing you at the start of our class.