Ice Breaker Module: DISCUSS Instructions

The DISCUSS folder provides you with prompts/questions related to  specific module content/reading.  This is where we talk together and share connections to what we are reading and doing.  It is also an excellent way to check understanding of course content instead of having you take numerous quizzes and tests.  Each  discussion forum provides you with the opportunity to earn 5 points towards your final grade.  It is important to remember that actively participating in DISCUSS Forums is essential to your success in the class.  Besides, we wish to hear what you think and no doubt will  learn from your personal experiences and connections to the course vocabulary.

How DISCUSS works:  In each Module Section you will see a DISCUSS folder.  Open it and there will be 1-4 forums posted in the order to complete. I create the forums.  Grades for participation in forums will appear in your grade book .   Forums are directly related to READ content, so I encourage you not to post your initial response until you have completed the reading.  Incorporating concepts and vocabulary from reading in the text and lecture notes is key to maximizing points received.  This will be more obvious next week when we start Module One.

Once you click on individual, DISCUSS forums, you will see the full text of the prompt/question/media to respond to for your initial post. Once you post your thoughts, you will have access to all of your classmate posts and are then are able to reply to two classmates for each forum.

A rubric of how points are earned in Discussion Forums is found in  “Course information Documents” under Discussion Ratings.

Time to practice this feature and to GREET your classmates.  Click on Ice Breaker Module: DISCUSS folder.

If you are interested in receiving a message in your Clinton email account when classmates are participating in discussion and/or commenting on something you have posted, simply click on “Subscribe” in top banner  menu.  If you get overwhelmed and buried under email alerts, you may un-subscribe  at any time.  Don’t worry that you will miss out!  Each time you log into our class, you will see new activity/posts on “Course Home Page.”

IMPORTANT:  After participating in our first class discussion, return to “Ice Breaker Module” and click on DO folder.