Feedback on Recorded Speeches from Instructor and Peers

Remember this is the Ice Breaker Module. I’m giving you this information so you have a complete picture of what to expect and how it will work when the class officially starts. Following your participation in our class discussion, you will click on DO folder and receive all the needed instruction to write and to submit your ice-breaker written draft assignment. The DO folder also includes an assignment to upload a recording of you sharing your ice breaker draft in a presentation to five adults called “Tech. Check”. 

The class does not officially start until next week. Classmates have until the end of the first week to join us.  No matter when classmates arrive, they have the same deadlines as you do. Whew! Aren’t you glad you are here now? I am!

As I view your submitted SPEECH: TECH CHECK/Name , I will provide feedback for your consideration of what was effective and where there are opportunities to improve.  I will also  post the points received out of what was possible in your grade book.

IMPORTANT: Points earned are based on the effectiveness and quality of the recording only. My feedback will focus on number of audience members, quality of space, lighting and sound and your visibility to the camera.

When the rubric criteria has been addressed and points and comments are entered for the “Tech Check” Assignmentyou will find your grade by clicking “Check My Grades” found in the left menu on the homepage of our course.  Typically, assignments have hard deadlines, usually on Sunday evenings by Midnight.  Two to three days following a deadline or the close of a DISCUSS  forum the work will be evaluated and points posted into your grade book with feedback.  There will be something to DISCUSS and/or DO every week of the course. This is how your attendance is determined for that week of class.

Keep going! You are on a roll, and there is still lots to explore and to complete in this Ice Breaker Module. Next stop is the DISCUSS folder in “Ice Breaker Module.”