Required Course Technology

Let’s “square up” on the the technology required for this course. Moodle is the learning management system where our class is housed. You are exploring our course right now in Moodle.  I have paired our class directly with the OER text.  I wish to make accessing the required reading and benefiting from the study materials as easy as possible.

Required speech recordings in front of  a live audience will be uploaded from your  private YouTube Channel created just for our class to SPEECH assignment .  This is where I view and critique your presentation and assign points.  A link to the same recording needs to posted in PEER REVIEW DISCUSSION for the matching speech so that  classmates can view and share feedback on your presentation.   See link on Course Home Page: You Tube Instructions.

In the DO folder in the Ice Breaker Module, you will be asked to write and to submit an ice breaker writing and then record yourself presenting the writing in front of five adults. Upload your recording to private YouTube channel and submit link to the video in SPEECH: Ice Breaker and Peer Review Discussion. We both need to know that you are able to successfully upload future speeches and that you are able to gather together an audience for your presentations. It is NOT possible to pass this class without the  ability to submit assignments and the ability to record and upload  presentations.