Required Listening Critique Persuasion Instructions

Persuasion Listening Critique Instructions. Type Template.  Use details to assist you in what to draw attention to the reader about the presentation you viewed.  Remember:  Speech viewed should be at least 5 minutes in length and when presented was in front of a LIVE audience.  Length: 1-2 pages.

Type your name

COM101- _____


Target Audience:

Date of Speech/Date Speech Viewed:




Main public speaking goal:

Outline the speech content.   (This is the only part of your report which should NOT be in paragraph format. You may bullet list your notes under each heading:


Problem Area

Solution Area


Analyze the supporting materials or evidence. Include whether the speaker used examples, illustrations, stories, definitions, quotations, facts, statistics, or slogans, and how they were used in the speech.  (You do not have to retell the whole story or get all of the numbers down accurately, but rather, tell me what kinds of sub-points they used in brief–e.g. “the speaker told a story about a special day in her childhood when she went fishing with her grandfather” or “the speaker gave current statistics about how gang violence is on the increase in our city.”)

Analyze BOTH the speaker’s delivery and use of visual aids.  Comment on poise, posture, use of gesture, bodily movement, loudness, rate, pitch, quality, and variety of the voice, eye contact, pronunciation and articulation, personal appearance and authoritativeness.  Include your evaluation of effectiveness of the speaker’s use of visual aids and technology.   

Describe the audience reaction. . Explain how the writing and the delivery of the speech were effectively TAILORED for this target audience by describing the audience reaction. Tell me if they approved or disapproved, believed or disbelieved, accepted or rejected, enjoyed or were bored by the presentation (How you could tell?)

Make your recommendations. Give your detailed suggestions, a minimum of two, on how the speech could be improved.   In the rare situation that you perceive the speech as flawless, give two points of high praise in support of how the speech in delivery and/or writing was outstanding. This should be in paragraph format not in list/numbered format.

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