Attendance Requirements


Also see file folder All Things Attendance and Participation in Learning Modules


The biggest misunderstanding with classes on the web, is that you don’t have to attend class.

You must attend class, it is just a different type of class. The class that you attend is on line, and the on line class has an attendance requirement just as a class on campus has attendance requirements.

The requirement is that you try to log on three times each week to participate in the current discussion.

In addition, you should begin your participation as soon as the module opens. I am looking for frequent participation, posting on the last day is not acceptable, because interaction between students is compromised.

Nine posts in a module should be understood as a minimum number of posts needed to meet the attendance requirement.

Considering that there are eight modules in the semester, it works out to seventy two posts as a minimum number needed to meet these basic requirements.

My expectations for college level participation is spelled out in the Discussion Grading Guidelines on the class Bulletin Board.

Good luck in the rest of the class, Mr. S.