Overview of Course


HU 112 / Art History II, will introduce you to the history of art. This class will be a survey course studying art from Renaissance art of Italy in the15th century to the art of our 21st century.

A survey course is a brief introduction, not a comprehensive study. We be trying to gain an overall knowledge of the various civilizations, and individual artists who make up the history of art.

There are some things that we can do on-line that are impossible to currently do in our classes at the college. We will be using the internet with links to websites that will enrich our art experience in new and exciting ways. We will be visiting virtual museums.

As a French Minister of Art referred to as “Museums Without Walls”.

The course will involve the following activities:

1. Reading the Text

2. Written essays

3. Discussions

4. Tests

5. Research Papers

I am confident that you will be interested, intellectually challenged; and moved by much of the art that we experience over the next fifteen weeks. At least that is my hope. 

It is essential the you read every document in each module.Each document will contain information that will be vital to your success in the course. At the beginning of each module, first read: Module At a Glance. This will give you an outline of the assignments and activities for the next module. At this time move on through each document in the orientation. If at any time you have a question, feel free to contact me using the Message tab on the course tabs to the left of your computer homepage.

Mr. S.