Case Study: Amphibian Die Off, Chytrid Fungi

Review this slideshow then answer the questions below.


  1. What phylum of fungi is responsible for chytridiomycosis?
  2. Why is this fungi successful at killing amphibians?
  3. Why be concerned about the world’s amphibian populations?  What role do amphibians play in ecosystems?
  4. How might Bd be spreading through the environment?
  5. Propose a hypothesis that would explain why Bd is spreading like a new disease throughout the world.
  6. Some scientists are attempting to prevent the extinction of amphibians by capturing amphibians in the wild, breeding them in chytrid free labs, then releasing some of the amphibians into the wild.  Discuss how such a strategy could save some species of amphibians.
  7. How else might we prevent the spread of Bd throughout the world?