Fungi Lab (Instructor Materials Preparation)

Lab Materials

This is the prep for one section of 24 students.


Students will do this part in table teams (groups of 4).

Materials Quantity NotesDry
 Rhizopus slides  1 per table  include sporangia and zygospores
 Asergillus slides  1 per table  include conidia and coidiophores
 Penicillium  1 per table  conidiophores only
 Lichens  various  different forms (frutisoe, foliose, etc.) set up as demo on side bench
mushrooms various samples for students to view under dissecting microscope. Can be purchased at grocery store.
Coprinus slide 1 per table cross section view
lichen thallus slide 1 per table

Materials on side bench:

  • Dry yeast packet (1 per class)
  • 250 ml beaker
  • sugar (sucrose)
  • slides
  • coverslips
  • plastic pipets (~3)
  • glass stir rod
  • access to microwave or hot plate (heat for water)

To prepare yeast culture: heat 150 ml of water to 45C and dissolve 1 yeast packet. It’s important the water is not too hot or the yeast will die. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar. Stir until yeast dissolved. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. If yeast is activated it will foam/bubble.