Course Description

Course Description

The course will explore the fundamental laws, theories, and mathematical concepts of chemistry. It is designed primarily for science and engineering majors. It requires a strong background in mathematics.

General Education Core Competencies Supported by the Course

After completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Think Critically—A competent critical thinker evaluates evidence carefully and applies reasoning to decide what to believe and how to act.
  • Quantitative Reasoning—A person who is competent in quantitative reasoning possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to apply the use of logic, numbers and mathematics to deal effectively with common problems and issues. A person who is quantitatively literate can use numerical, geometric and measurement data and concepts, mathematical skills, and principles of mathematical reasoning to draw logical conclusions and to make well reasoned decisions.

Course Content

Each week we will study has a separate folder under the Course Content Tab. There are key components posted within each unit folder including:

  • Learning objectives—these are the minimal learning outcomes you should expect for the unit.
  • Your Lab Handout—this needs to be printed PRIOR to coming to lab.
  • Assignments—each week you will have a prelab quiz on the current lab. You will also turn in an assignment for the lab completed the week before. A detailed course calendar is posted in your syllabus.