Course Prerequisites

  • Instructor Required Prequisites: CHM 1 or High School Chemistry / MTH 4 or MTE 9 Equivalent
  • Strongly Recommended to have CHM 1 or High School Chemistry within last couple of years.
  • Strongly Recommended 2.5 or above in MTH4 or MTE 9

This course is an intensive study of chemistry that assumes you have basic chemical knowledge and mathematical skills.  Students having the recommended prerequisites can expect to spend an average of 2-3 hours per week outside of class working on the laboratory portion of the course.  Without this prior coursework, students can expect to spend 2-3 times as long on homework and assignments

Minimum Technical Skills

Students should be able to access and utilize the Blackboard (Bb) course site and should be able to utilize their TCC student e-mail account during this course.

For additional tech support, students should access the resources provided in Minimum technical and computer skill requirements